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December 21st, 2010

Bedroom Wall Color Ideas

There are some colors which really suit bedrooms, and some that don’t. Keep in mind the tips given below and select the wall painting ideas for bedroom accordingly.

It is important that you stick to cool colors for painting bedrooms. The colors which fall in the cool category are blue, violet and green. The popular shades of cool colors for bedroom are grayish blues, aqua, turquoises, light or medium shades of purple, soft green or light sap green.
Try to avoid warm colors like red or orange. A bedroom should have peaceful and cool ambiance where one can relax. Warm colors are more suited to living rooms or kitchens. Orange is not that desirable option for a bedroom as it will make the walls too vibrant and make the bed almost invisible.
It is not that people don’t use warm colors in their bedrooms, but cool color painting ideas for bedrooms are a safer bet. However, if you are convinced about using warm colors to

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